Data Recovery

Entrust to our professional service!

For over 10 years we serve companies and individuals who have suffered a loss data from their servers and personal computers.

We provide computer data recovery service for companies, individuals and IT operators; We rely on laboratories equipped for electromechanical failures of hard drives, we also intervene on servers and other storage media affected by floods or fires.

Rapid diagnosis times; We can develop analysis in a very short time and provide test files before retrieval.

What to do IN case of data loss?

First of all you need not panic. Secondly, it is very important to avoid attempting a “home” restoration: Any further use of the disk can compromise its recovery. We advise you to contact us immediately in order to have the possibility to carefully inspect the support in the laboratory.

Then they will be communicated, what data and programs are restorable and the cost for the service. The diagnosis is free in 8 hours and, where necessary, it is possible to intervene even in a few hours for the most urgent cases.

The recovery is also possible from media such as Hard disk, Pen Drive, Memory card, tapes and tape.

The costs of recovery

The costs of recovery are determined by many factors, the difficulty, the intervention time, the amount of data to be recovered. But we can indicate an average cost of recovery around 300 euros. Of course each case requires a specific analysis and the definitive cost will be communicated with a detailed quotation. The costs are also inclusive for interventions in the cleanroom.

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