Eolo is born from the desire to bring broadband everywhere in Italy, even in areas currently not covered by XDSL services and to create its own transport network, totally independent from that of other operators.

What makes Eolo different from others?

  • Total independence from the current operators.
  • Wide coverage of the areas not reached by xDSL.
  • Bandwidth cuts up to 100 Mb/s in downstream and upstream
  • Minimum band guaranteed on every cut available Public IP Possibility of backup line

How does that work

The Eolo network is composed of several radio repeaters (BTS) that diffuse the signal on the territory. Eolo can be used to provide Internet connectivity to homes, offices, public buildings and for video surveillance applications.

The wiring diagram is very simple

An external antenna, supplied by NGI on loan of use, is installed by an EOLO certified technician.

The antenna is connected via a single external Ethernet cable, directly to your PC or to a router with any WiFi access point.

For proper operation, it is indispensable that from the roof of your house, there is optical visibility without obstacles (trees, other houses/palaces) towards at least one BTS EOLO. Eolo provides a tool to check if your address is already served by Eolo.

Check now if your address is already served by Eolo.