We organize and run individual or collective training courses to improve the use of the most popular software, such as Microsoft Office.

If your problem is very specific, we can help you with mini personalized sessions for 30 minutes.

Tell us what you want to learn and we will explain by thread and by sign until you have no doubts anymore. Use the contact form for more information indicating the topic you would like to address.

Individual lessons

The courses we offer are aimed at both private and business. Our experience teaches us that individual lessons allow you to achieve your goals in a short time, for this reason SMART always recommends the one-to-one formula. Buy a training hours package and choose the days and times of the lessons with the utmost flexibility.

Company Courses

SMART offers computer training courses with personalized programs on the real needs of your company.

Together with your team,  program and calendar of lessons will be defined, with maximum flexibility and availability.

We can deliver one-to-one lessons, or group lessons, in small groups, aimed at multiple participants. It is possible to define, according to the starting level and the objective to be reached, the duration of the course compatibly with the company necessities and with the maximum elasticity.

Ask for additional information through the contact form.