Who I am

I introduce myself: I’m Mauro Salvi, born in Milan in 1966 and I deal with informatics since the computers were called Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum, VIC 20 and Commodore 64. I mean, a little water under the bridges has passed.

I graduated in 1985 in San Donato Milanese, in one of the first technical institutes that proposed the specialization in computer science.

After a couple of years as a laboratory technician in a multinational in the field of Fax and Copying, I decided to undertake the path of the free profession. I’m kicking to have my own company in order to follow my passions and my curiosity wherever they lead me.

In 1990 I shuttle between Milan to Saronno after having opened Soft Point with two other partners; We develop software on the first relational databases (Omnis 5) and we deal with sales and service on PCs and peripherals.

In 1993 we start for a new trip called Nerosubianco, a service center for business and private, where we offer translations, photocopying service, computer courses and a whole series of related services. I’m starting to hone my trainer skills too.

In 2001 I decide to move as a soloist and open Nexxt computer consultancy that leads me to follow much more closely the advice to companies who want to choose the best tools that suit you to solve.

In 2018 I acquire a share of Smart, of which I am CEO.

Over the years I have dealt with hardware repairs, since I was a child I had a particular inclination to dismantle everything that happened to me and with age I even learned to make it back to life!

I used and know very well almost all the software that Microsoft and Adobe, in first place, have created to improve the work of many professionals, which I helped by providing them assistance and training.

I specialize in the development of websites and e-commerce, and I do not scare in front of routers, access points and all the network equipment that every office has to make the whole computer system work properly.

I have installed a lot of backup systems (NAS) to keep your precious files and documents safe.

I have seen many crying, private, professionals, managers and business owners, for having lost valuable data, archives, lists, entire years of accounting, for physical damage to the hard disk or to have been attacked by virus Cryptolocker.

But I managed and succeded to bring back the smile on their faces, recovering all the data that seemed lost forever.